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Best GDPR Software Tools and Solutions
NGDATA | Feb 1, 2018


DB Networks delivers artificial intelligence based database security for data base discovery, insider threat protection, and deep SQL analysis. Their DBN-6300 solution delivers insights and situational awareness of your database infrastructure so you have a real-time assessment of it to immediately identify attacks and compromised credentials.
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DB Networks Appoints New Chief Data Scientist
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | Jan 23, 2018


DB Networks announces that Benjamin Farber, Ph.D. has been promoted to Chief Data Scientist. In his new role, Dr. Farber is responsible for development and deployment strategies to leverage DB Networks innovations in AI sciences and technologies worldwide.
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DB Networks Names Database Security Sales Executive Francine Panza as Vice President of Worldwide Sales
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | Jan 8, 2018


DB Networks announces that Francine Panza has been promoted to Vice President of Worldwide Sales. In this role, Ms. Panza is responsible for sales strategy and execution worldwide, and will help drive the next phase of growth for DB Networks.
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Integration of DB Networks and Cisco Security Solutions Results in 360 Visibility and Database Threat Containment
LinkedIn | Nov 15, 2017


DB Networks has joined Cisco Technology Alliance to promote an integrated database security solution. DB Networks developed an integrated AI-based database security solution that immediately detects database insider threats and integrates with Cisco to terminate or quarantine the offending session at its source. The combined solution uses Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) together with DB Networks AI-based DBN-6300 to rapidly identify and subsequently contain database threats.
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11 top tools to assess, implement, and maintain GDPR compliance
CSO | Nov 13, 2017


DB Networks DBN-6300 is a security appliance using artificial intelligence and deep protocol analysis to give visibility into database infrastructure activities. It also non-intrusively discovers databases containing PII and connected applications, and automatically maps how the information is being processed.
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Newly Released STIGs Validate DB Networks DBN-6300 Meets Security Requirements for use on Department of Defense (DoD) Networks
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | Oct 26, 2017


DB Networks announces that the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Risk Management Executive has released the DBN-6300 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), Version 1 for immediate use.
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DB Networks CEO, Brett Helm, Discusses Using Artificial Intelligence To Detect Equifax Style Database Attacks
SuperbCrew | October 3, 2017


Modern security tools identify insider threats through artificial intelligence technologies, specifically machine learning based User Behavior Analytics (UBA). As an example, DB Networks DBN-6300 applies machine learning to database UBA to immediately identify unauthorized or suspicious database activity indicative of an insider threat.
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Equifax Breach: Database Insider Threats From Third-Party Software
Credit Union Times | September 20, 2017


The recent and massive database breach at Equifax serves to highlight the insider threat that database systems face today. The Equifax database attackers circumvented the corporate firewalls and breached the application, they were able to masquerade as legitimate and authorized insiders. To identify an attack of that nature requires DB Networks DBN-6300 that can detect database insider threat.
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Is Unpatched Apache Struts Flaw to Blame for Equifax Hack?
Bank Info Security | September 12, 2017


To protect against Apache Struts flaws, Network UBA and database UBA is recommended to immediately spot anomalies and identify attacks resulting from 0-day vulnerabilities. Once an Apache Struts vulnerability is identified and documented, immediately include an appropriate rule in the firewall. This is known as a virtual patch. Then follow up and patch all instances of Apache Struts software.
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Insider Threats and Oracle Exploits Identified Through AI and Database UBA
TechPrevue | August 4, 2017


Advanced AI database security practices can non-intrusively assess all tables, databases, and other applications with access to the database and find faults. High-end machine learning and patented behavioral analysis techniques are used to identify compromised credentials and potential database attacks. Some insights are shared by Benjamin Farber, Ph.D., Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at DB Networks.
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DB Networks Supports GDPR Readiness Assessments for Structured Data
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | July 13, 2017


DB Networks announces initiatives designed to assist companies in complying with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). DB Networks offers the tools necessary to "shine a light" on the organizations entire database infrastructure to document each structured data store and also to secure all of the personal data that is stored on those databases.
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Identifying Insider Threats From The PassFreely Oracle Exploit Through Database UBA And Artificial Intelligence
SuperbCrew | May 31, 2017


SuperbCrew interviewed Benjamin Farber, Ph.D. Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at DB Networks to learn more about database user behavior analytics (UBA), insider threats, and the recently revealed "PassFreely" Oracle exploit.
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PassFreely Attack Bypasses Oracle Database Authentication
Data Breach Today | April 26, 2017


PassFreely is an exploit for patching Oracle in memory to allow unauthenticated access to the data stored in Oracle databases. PassFreely forces an Oracle database server to accept every incoming connection. It disables the authentication requirements directly by modifying the Oracle database application in the server's memory.
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DB Networks and Exabeam Announce Integration Partnership to Offer Full- Spectrum Behavioral Based Analysis of Security Threats
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | Apr. 6, 2017


DB Networks announces an integration partnership with Exabeam. The combined solution aims to dramatically reduce the response time of incident investigations that require deep visibility into the database infrastructure.
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DB Networks Database User Behavior Analytics (UBA) Offers Deep Insights into the Data Tier
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | Mar. 14, 2017


DB Networks announces advanced database UBA with machine learning to enable anomaly detection down to the database table level. UBA seeks to identify likely threats by examining patterns of machine and human behavior to detect anomalies that deviates from an established norm. DB Networks now brings a new dimension to traditional UBA by extracting, analyzing, and exposing advanced UBA from activities occurring within the database infrastructure and down to the database table level.
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DB Networks Honored with Multiple Gold Information Security Global Excellence Awards at RSA Conference
San Francisco, CA (RSA Conference 2017) | Feb. 15, 2017


DB Networks announces Info Security Products Guide has named DB Networks DBN-6300 as a winner in three 2017 Global Excellence Awards categories. The security industry celebrated its 13th Annual 2017 Global Excellence Awards in San Francisco at the RSA Conference by honoring excellence in every facet of the industry including products, people behind the successes and best companies.
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DB Networks And CyberArk Partner On Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence-Based Agentless Database Activity Monitor
SuperbCrew | January 18, 2017


SuperbCrew sat down with Brett Helm, CEO at DB Networks to learn more about the company and its innovative technologies including the new Agentless Database Activity Monitor.
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DAM – That’s Secure
GigaOM | December 20, 2016


The holy grail of database protection may come in the form of DAM married to an agentless platform that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI). That solution can proactively deal with threats to databases, at least that is what DB Networks and CyberArk have come to believe, as evidenced by a recent partnership by the two IT security companies.
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DB Networks Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based DAM Solution
HITInfrastructure | December 19, 2016


DB Networks announced its agentless database activity monitoring (DAM) solution which employs artificial intelligence (AI) so organizations can achieve both compliance monitoring and database security without giving up control of their data for the sake of compliance.
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EMA Analyst Brief on Agentless DAM
Enterprise Management Associates | December 15, 2016


Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) should be a part of the security strategy for every organization using databases for critical information. However, in determining the level of need and the representative investment for the solution, decision makers should consider three key things when generating their requirements and estimating their investment.
  • Agentless DAM is a highly robust and reliable solution option
  • Because agentless DAM does not need to touch the databases, deployment and lifecycle management are far easier and less complex than agent-based solutions
  • Agentless DAM provides security services beyond traditional DAM and thus offer additional value
This EMA Analyst Brief discusses these issues and why the release of Agentless DAM will make a significant impact on database dependent organizations.
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Machine Learning Database Security+Privileged Acct Activity Monitoring
CardFlash | December 14, 2016


The industry’s first agentless database activity monitoring (DAM) solution based on artificial intelligence has arrived. DB Networks is combining its DBN-6300 database monitoring and security technology with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to strengthen organizations’ overall security posture with a next-generation DAM solution.
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DB Networks Launches Industry’s First Artificial Intelligence-Based Agentless Database Activity Monitoring
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | December 14, 2016


DB Networks announces the industry’s first agentless database activity monitoring (DAM) solution based on artificial intelligence. DB Networks is combining its DBN-6300 database monitoring and security technology with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to strengthen organizations’ overall security posture with a next-generation DAM solution.
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Database Honeypots: Sweet and Simple Breach Detection
Cyber Defense Magazine | October 31, 2016


An often over looked yet simple security instrument is a database honeypot. Setting up a database honeypot results in an instrument any organization can employ to assist in identifying when a breach has occurred or is reoccurring.
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5 Minutes with an Analyst: Steve Hunt of DB Networks
Upside | October 18, 2016


Cybersecurity is big business today; enterprises work diligently to protect their data and operations from attacks. DB Networks provides database security solutions that detect threats using machine learning and behavioral analysis. Steve Hunt, president and COO of DB Networks, leads the development and operation of the company.
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Database Security Is Not Being Taken Seriously Enough
Database Zone | October 7, 2016


A breach in your database security can be disastrous, costing millions of dollars, breaches of privacy, and the loss of jobs. It can lose your company the trust of its customers, and ultimately, their patronage. However, despite its importance, according to a new report from Osterman Research and DB Networks, it is not receiving the attention it deserves.
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A Solution To The Long Time Problem Of SQL Attack
CIO Review | September 26, 2016


The Information Security Company DB Networks DBN-6300 offers intelligence SQL injection protection to prevent intelligence security breaches.
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DB Networks Enhances Database Security with Machine Learning
Gigaom | September 26, 2016


Protecting databases takes more than just securing the perimeter, it also takes a deep understanding of how users and applications interact with databases, as well as knowing what databases are alive and breathing on the network. DB Networks aims to provide the intelligence, analytics and tools to bring insight into the database equation.
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Improving Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Upside | September 13, 2016


Deep protocol analysis of network activity enables advanced analysis techniques derived from artificial intelligence (AI) research to immediately identify unusual behavior. Such approaches can cleanly separate attacks from normal activity in real time.
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Artificial Intelligence Emerges As The Best Approach To Database Security
Supercrew | August 29, 2016


DB Networks is an innovator of database security appliances. DB Networks works with customers in a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Supercrew interviewed Brett Helm, CEO and Board Chairman at DB Networks to gain a deeper understanding of the comapany and their technology.
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DB Networks to Showcase Artificial Intelligence-Based Database Security at Upcoming Industry Events This Month
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | August 15, 2016


DB Networks will hold booth demonstrations of the DBN-6300, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based database security appliance that non-intrusively discovers databases, immediately alerts when databases are under attack and pinpoints credentials that have been compromised.
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AI can address cybersecurity personnel shortage
GCN | August 8, 2016


History has shown it’s not possible to ‘train up’ the cybersecurity talent pool rapidly enough to address escalating threats across the vast federal security landscape. With no relief in sight, new IT security approaches that leverage AI are a highly desirable solution. ‘Work smarter, not harder,’ is especially true when it comes to combatting cyberthreats.
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AI Key to Future of Cybersecurity – DB Networks
AI Business | August 5, 2016


The trend over the next several years the trend is for individual AI-based security systems to be integrated into organizations’ comprehensive autonomous cyber security architecture. Intelligent security sensors will be deployed throughout the network to not only immediately and accurately identify security events, but also to remediate them.
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The rise of the machine: AI, the future of security
Information Age | August 4, 2016


AI-based cyber security is truly a sea change in the security industry. AI enables us to quickly and accurately identify cyber attacks in progress. In future generations of product, DB Networks will use the output from AI to drive autonomous cyber security technologies that not only block attacks but also automatically heal the vulnerabilities.
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DB Networks Enables Insider Threat Detection Best Practices
Enterprise Networking Planet | August 3, 2016


DB Networks has constructed a solution that leverages machine learning to detect, alert, and ultimately triage anomalous behavioral patterns indicative of database insider threats.
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Artificial Intelligence is Key to Autonomous Cyber Security Future
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | August 3, 2016


AI-based security technologies offered in the DB Networks DBN-6300 and Layer 7 Database Sensor, is being deployed to intelligently combat modern cyber security database threats. This is leading to a trend over the next several years where intelligent security sensors will be deployed throughout the network to not only immediately and accurately identify security events, but also to remediate them.
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DB Networks Brings Layer 7 Insider Threat Detection to Databases
eWeek | July 28, 2016


DB Networks has combined the elements of machine learning with data flow analysis to create an insider threat detection platform. DB Networks' offering brings a new paradigm to insider threat detection by incorporating a methodology known as data flow analysis.
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Why Financial Services Companies’ Databases Need Continuous Monitoring and Proper Data Stewardship
CEOWORLD Magazine | July 27, 2016


Databases pose a unique security challenge for banks and financial institutions of all sizes. The database infrastructure at financial services companies is usually quite extensive with many databases remaining unknown, unmonitored, or simply left completely unmanaged and worse, unsecured.
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How AI Helps Enterprises Avoid Insider Threats and Compromised Credentials
Upside | July 21, 2016


Machine learning and behavioral analysis can identify insider threats by building a model of normal operations of the data flows in the database infrastructure. Using behavioral analysis to compare new data flows against the model enables these appliances to identify and alert enterprises to the actions of an attacker who is using stolen credentials.
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Databases Need Continuous Monitoring, Proper Data Stewardship
Credit Union Times | July 19, 2016


With breaches increasing at an alarming rate, it’s important for financial organizations to follow thorough data stewardship practices and continuously monitor all of their databases – from their initial deployment, throughout their lifecycle and into their retirement when the database is decommissioned.
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Applying Machine Learning To Identify Compromised Credentials
Business Solutions | July 8, 2016


It’s not uncommon for large enterprises to have hundreds or perhaps hundreds of thousands of databases — many out of date, many no longer used, and the vast majority not monitored or properly secured from possible attacks. Unauthorized databases access is increasingly a result of credential theft, and IT personnel are urgently trying to get their arms around the situation. However, through machine learning and monitoring data flow activity, abnormal activity, such as stolen credentials, is immediately identified.
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5 ways to avoid compromised database credentials
GCN | June 9, 2016


An enterprise’s most important information resides in databases, IT managers are increasingly focused on protecting databases and their infrastructures with specifically designed security measures, rather than relying on porous perimeter security. The top five best practices presented will help enterprises identify and protect databases from bad actors attempting to use stolen database credentials to appear as legitimate insiders.
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Applying Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis to Address the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
Cyber Defense Magazine | May 25, 2016


More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. alone are presently unfilled. It’s just not possible to build the talent pool rapidly enough to fully address this critical skills shortage. Machine learning and behavioral analysis security technologies are now being applied to endpoint security, web application security, intrusion detection, and database security. Field experience has proven these technologies to be highly effective, without generating false positives, and, importantly, requiring minimal operation support.
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Vendors must collaborate to solve Infosec insecurities
GigaOM | May 19, 2016


The winds of change are blowing and many security vendors are coming to the realization that sharing security practices and the associated technology can benefit all, except for the cybercriminals. DB Networks is now turning their competitors into partners by licensing the company’s Layer 7 Database Sensor, so that other security vendors can include advanced machine learning into their own security products.
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DB Networks Selected to Present “Compromised Credentials and Insider Threats in the Data Tier” at FS-ISAC Summit
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | April 27, 2016


Insider threats are typically not simply “rogue” employees stealing financial records, but more often are actual attackers using stolen credentials to slip past information security systems appearing as a legitimate user. During this session, attendees will learn how security systems based on machine learning and behavioral analysis immediately identify credential abuse and attacks on financial systems databases.
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Most organizations still lack visibility into database assets
Help Net Security | April 25, 2016


Only 19 percent of organizations have what the organization considers to be “excellent” visibility into their data and database assets, according to Osterman Research and DB Networks. This level of visibility is necessary to rapidly identify a data breach.
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Most orgs couldn't quickly detect breach, study
SC Magazine | April 21, 2016


Findings in the study suggested that the organizations, all of which have more than 300 employees, don't have the proper monitoring tools with 39 percent saying they lacked the necessary tools to identify a database breach resulting from compromised or abused credentials.
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Lack of Monitoring Weakens Database Security
eSecurity Planet | April 21, 2016


Like the crown jewels, many companies assign a nearly priceless value to their data. So why aren't they taking better care of the databases where they store much of their corporate data?
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Databases Remain Soft Underbelly Of Cybersecurity
InformationWeek - Dark Reading | April 21, 2016


Despite the fact that databases still hold some of the most valuable data targeted by cyberthieves, the typical organization today lacks visibility into who is accessing their structured data stores and when.
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Most Enterprises Lack Needed Visibility into Data and Database Assets, says Osterman Research Study
TMCnet - Cloud Security | April 21, 2016


Security really matters regarding all three pillars—Network, Compute and Storage—of today’s increasingly data center-centric world. With the daily headlines screaming about the latest and unfortunately ever more sophisticated cyber attacks, a lot of attention has been paid to the first two pillars, yet protecting storage is equally- if not more - important.
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Alarming Percentage of Orgs Can't ID a Data Breach
Infosecurity Magazine | April 21, 2016


According to Osterman Research’s database security industry report, about 39% of organizations surveyed said that they lack the necessary tools to allow them to identify a database breach.
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Report: Almost half of enterprises have no one in charge of database security
CBS Interactive - TechRepublic | April 20, 2016


The risk of data leaks and security breaches are a growing threat in the enterprise, but many companies are doing nothing about it at all. According to a recently released report from Osterman Research and DB Networks, 47% of respondents said their organization had no one overseeing database security.
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Osterman Research Study Finds Most Organizations Lack Necessary Visibility into Data and Database Assets
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | April 20, 2016


Osterman Research’s first-of-its-kind database security industry study found that only 19 percent of organizations have what the organization considers to be “excellent“ visibility into their data and database assets. This level of visibility is necessary to rapidly identify a data breach. Furthermore, 47 percent of those surveyed do not have an assigned team or even an individual to oversee the security of their databases.
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Database Security Demands Monitoring From Inception to Retirement
Channel Partners | April 19, 2016


Legacy databases that should have been decommissioned long ago are an open opportunity for attack. These databases may not be properly patched, credentials haven’t been updated and it’s likely no one is monitoring them. But what to do with rogue and zombie databases?
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A new approach to detecting compromised credentials in real-time
Network World | April 15, 2016


DB Networks has added a new capability to its database security solutions to address compromised credetials. The DBN-6300 enterprise appliance and OEM-focused Layer 7 Database Sensor both now have the ability to detect someone acting as an authorized insider through compromised or abused credentials. This is done at the database level, in real-time, which gives an organization the opportunity to stop the activity before real damage can be done.
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Podcast - Insider threat protection with the DB Networks DBN-6300
Help Net Security | March 21, 2016


In this podcast recorded at RSA Conference 2016, David Rosenberg, CTO/Products at DB Networks, talks about how DB Networks have added real-time compromised credential identification capabilities to their DBN-6300 and Layer 7 Database Sensor products.
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Top-30 Cybersecurity Providers in Silicon Valley
LTP | March 15, 2016


DB Networks provides insights into your core network including database discovery, application mapping, pinpointing compromised credentials, and database intrusion detection.
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DB Networks Identifies Credential Abuse with Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis
TMCnet | March 7, 2016


Organizations face problems with credential abuse, which have resulted in costly data breaches. DB Networks, a database cybersecurity company, has launched a solution to non-intrusively identify compromised credentials of database communication with machine learning and behavioral analysis in real-time.
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DB Networks Named Grand Winner and Receives Multiple Global Excellence Awards at RSA Conference
San Francisco, CA (Marketwired) | March 2, 2016


DB Networks honored as Grand Trophy Winner for Database Security in 12th Annual Info Security Product Group's Global Excellence Awards.
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Identifying abuse of compromised credentials in real-time
Help Net Security | February 29, 2016


DB Networks announced at RSA Conference industry-first capabilities to non-intrusively identify compromised credentials in real-time by uniquely applying machine learning and behavioral analysis to every database communication. This powerful new feature is now available in its DBN-6300 and Layer 7 Database Sensor products.
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DB Networks adds Real-Time Compromised Credential Identification Capabilities to DBN-6300 and Layer 7 Database Sensor Products
San Francisco, CA (PR Newswire) | February 29, 2016


DB Networks applies machine learning and behavioral analysis to immediately identify credential abuse.
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DB Networks Honored as Best Data Center Security Solution for 2016 in 4th Annual Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards
San Francisco, CA (PR Newswire) | February 29, 2016


DB Networks award-winning Layer 7 Database Sensor delivering database protection and deep visibility into database infrastructure will be featured at RSA Conference 2016.
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DB Networks partners with Cyphort and Security On-Demand
Help Net Security | February 26, 2016


Big news from DB Networks, a provider of database cybersecurity products. They partnered with Cyphort to offer customers full spectrum visibility from the desktop and network perimeter to deep in the database, and their Layer 7 Database Sensor has been chosen to power Security On-Demand’s Database Threat Protection service.
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DB Networks to Present 'Protecting EMR from the Insider Threat' at HIMSS 16
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | February 24, 2016


Company president and COO Steve Hunt to discuss how advanced user behavioral analytics immediately identify compromised credentials and attacks on EMR data stores.
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Security On-Demand Partners with DB Networks to Add Database Threat Protection to ThreatWatch™ 2.0 Platform
PR Newswire | February 24, 2016


Security On-Demand announces the availability of Database Threat Protection service, powered by the DB Networks Layer 7 database sensor. This service provides discovery of all databases in the network, including undocumented ones, and continuous monitoring of databases to identify malicious activity.
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Cyphort and DB Networks Partner to Provide Full Spectrum Visibility
Sys-Con | February 23, 2016


Cyphort and DB Networks will offer customers full spectrum visibility from the desktop and network perimeter to deep in the database.
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DB Networks Launches Real-Time Database Security Sensor
eWeek | February 18, 2016


DB Networks has released a first-of-its-kind database sensor that provides makers of security software with real-time, deep-protocol analysis of database traffic — inside or outside the firewall. By integrating this sensor into their products, security OEMs provide their customers with more usage detail and metrics from data-tier cyber threats.
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DB Networks launches Layer 7 Database Sensor
Help Net Security | February 18, 2016


DB Networks introduced a product that provides OEM partners with real-time deep protocol analysis of database traffic. By integrating this technology into their products, security OEMs can offer their customers visibility into data-tier cyber threats.
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Interview with Steven Hunt, President and COO of DB Networks
Virtual-Strategy Magazine | February 17, 2016


DB Networks Layer 7 Database Sensor is designed to integrate into an OEM partner’s products to provide deep visibility into the database tier. As an example, a breach detection system that includes our Layer 7 Database Sensor now has full-spectrum visibility. Previously the database tier was largely opaque and attackers could operate undetected in that part of the network over many months.
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Healthcare: The New Arms Race Is in Cybersecurity
Sys-Con | February 17, 2016


The evolution of cybersecurity as it relates to healthcare in the United States is by most standards in its infancy, but this situation is changing quickly. The industry is scrambling to shore up defenses as cyberattacks and breaches increase.
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DB Networks Unveils Layer 7 Database Security for OEMs
SecurityWeek | February 16, 2016


DB Networks has launched a new Layer 7 Database Sensor to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with advanced database security capabilities.
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New products of the week
Network World | February 15, 2016


DB Networks Layer 7 Sensor provides OEMs with real-time deep protocol analysis of database traffic and immediate access to patented technology to enhance and differentiate their product offerings, helping enterprises protect their critical database infrastructure.
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DB Networks Enables Advanced Cybersecurity for OEMs
TMCnet | February 11, 2016


Inquiring and responsible minds really want and need to know what is going on in their database infrastructure. This is where DB Networks Layer 7 Sensor solution fills a critical function.
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DB Networks Launches Industry's First Layer 7 Database Sensor to Deliver Advanced Database Cybersecurity Capabilities to OEMs
San Diego, CA (Marketwired) | February 11, 2016


DB Networks Layer 7 Database Sensor enhances OEM solutions by including database protection and deep visibility into the database infrastructure for full-spectrum security.
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DB Networks Named Finalist in Seven Categories for Info Security Products Guide’s Global Excellence Awards
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | February 3, 2016


DB Networks earns finalist honors in best security hardware product; database security, DLP, extrusion prevention; and security products for Federal, government, manufacturing and media and entertainment awards categories.
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Cybersecurity Act of 2015 is Ineffective, Warns DB Networks
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | December 30, 2015


Act is based on erroneous assumptions, rendering it nearly completely useless at improving cybersecurity.
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DB Networks Issued Patent on Detecting and Mitigating Structured Data Storage Threats
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | November 19, 2015


Latest patent covers machine learning and behavioral modeling of Layer 7 database traffic to identify threats in real-time.
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When Outsiders Become Insiders: Compromised Credentials are a Significant Threat to Sensitive Database Content
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | November 16, 2015


Far more cybersecurity focus should be redirected inward if modern enterprises want to seriously address today's most nefarious threats. Specifically, enterprises need to understand the tremendous value of compromised credentials and that it's the stealing of those credentials that is the goal of most initial cyber attacks.
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DB Networks Works in Conjunction with Database Activity Monitors to Bolster Visibility and to Provide Additional Database Infrastructure Insights
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | September 25, 2015


DB Networks complements DAMs by providing insights into the overall database infrastructure, including the number and type of databases that are operational, what clients are communicating with which databases, when database communications cross trust boundaries, and when databases are under attack from rouge SQL.
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DB Networks Issued Structured Data Extraction Patent
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | September 3, 2015


DB Networks announces the issuance of patent number 9,100,291 by the US Patent Office covering the extraction of application (layer 7) data from a communications link.
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DB Networks Appliance Applies Machine Learning to Thwart Hackers
eWeek | August 7, 2015


DB Networks offers advanced capabilities that make short work of identifying databases, analyzing database traffic and using that information to identify abnormal activity that signals database intrusions.
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Long Term IT Security Labor Shortfalls Driving CISOs to Look to Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis Based Automated Security Solutions
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | June 29, 2015


The combination of the long-term IT security labor shortages and an unprecedented number of security breaches are stretching IT security departments to the snapping point.
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Are Your Databases Secure? Think Again
eSecurity Planet | June 16, 2015


Targeting enterprise databases is a common attack tactic, as the Anthem breach showed, yet many companies neglect database security.
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DB Networks Behavioral Analysis and Intelligent Continuous Monitoring Immediately Identifies Zero-day Attacks Originating from Vulnerable Database Connected Web Applications
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | May 21, 2015


Signature based cybersecurity has proven unable to defend against zero-day attacks. Further, organizations are finding signature based systems are extremely labor intense as they constantly develop and implement new signatures.
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Peerlyst Community TV Episode 3: The Growing Threat of SQL Injection
Peerlyst | May 12, 2015


Frank Ohlhorst interviews Michael Sabo of DB Networks on the SQL injection threat that has existed for over 15 years.
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DB Networks Named Grand Winner and Receives Multiple Global Excellence Awards and at RSA Conference
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | April 22, 2015


Info Security Products Guide named DB Networks winner of their Grand Global Excellence Trophy for "Best of the Best" in security technology at the RSA Conference.
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DB Networks’ DBN-6300 honored as The Best Data Center Security Product winner in the 3rd Annual 2015 Cyber Defense Magazine Awards
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | April 20, 2015


Cyber Defense Magazine, the industry's leading electronic information security magazine and media partner of the RSA® Conference 2015, named the DB Networks DBN-6300 "Best Data Center Security Product" for 2015.
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Cybersecurity expert John Popolizio Joins DB Networks Board of Advisors
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | April 17, 2015


John (JP) Popolizio joined DB Networks board of advisors to provide insight and counsel as the company continues to expand its cybersecurity offerings in the financial services sector.
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DB Networks Addresses "Alert Fatigue" Through Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | April 16, 2015


Behavior analysis, like that built in to the DBN-6300, is the key to unlocking a better, faster way of identifying true threats.
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Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis Enables DBN-6300 to Immediately Identify Advanced Persistent Threats
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | April 14, 2015


APTs have been the criminal’s weapon of choice in many high-profile database attacks including the 2013 Target Corporation breach and the recent Anthem breach.
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DB Networks: Assuring Database Security through Intelligent Continuous Monitoring
CIO Review | April 2, 2015


The era of traditional techniques of identifying attacks through attack signatures is over. Today, understanding and creating a baseline of normal behavior is crucial to preventing future information security breaches such as the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) witnessed at Anthem.
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Free identity protection from breached companies falls short
ThirdCertainty | March 9, 2015


Free identity theft monitoring may help some folks sleep better. But security experts say they may come into play too late – and coverage certainly does not extend long enough — to mitigate exposure to the worst forms of identity fraud.
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DB Networks a Finalist in Global Excellence Awards
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | February 27, 2015


Info Security Products Guide has named the DBN-6300 a finalist for the 11th Annual Global Excellence Awards in six categories including for Database Security and Most Innovative Security Product of the Year.
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Behavioral Analysis Could Have Prevented The Anthem Breach Hackers
Forbes | February 24, 2015


There’s a universal truth regarding every cyber attack: attack behavior never appears normal. The future of IT security is technology that consistently and accurately identifies behaviors that aren’t normal.
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DB Networks Named to the Cybersecurity 500
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | February 19, 2015


DB Networks has been selected for inclusion into the Cybersecurity 500. The Cybersecurity 500 is the premier list of the top cybersecurity companies.
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SQL injection vulnerabilities reach three year high
CBR | January 21, 2015


A new report by DB Networks reveals a major uptick in SQL injection vulnerabilities in publicly launched software packages in 2014, reaching their highest levels in three years.
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SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Surge to Highest Levels in Three Years
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | January 20, 2015


Analysis by DB Networks discovered the rise in SQL injection attacks is directly attributed to todays software development methodology – an emphasis on deadlines and budgets that gives short shrift to the kind of security due diligence that's more important today than ever before.
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DB Networks Behavioral Analysis-Based DBN-6300 Selected as Finalist for Best Database Security Solution
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | January 15, 2015


DB Networks behavioral analysis based DBN-6300 has been recognized as a top product in the Reader Trust Award competition, which honors best-in-class security products and services as selected by a panel of readers who represent the readership of SC Magazine.
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DB Networks Closes $17 Million Funding Round Led By Grotech Ventures with Participation from Khosla Ventures, and Citi Ventures
San Diego, CA (PR Newswire) | December 9, 2014


DB Networks new round of financing will fuel continued rapid growth into core-network intelligent continuous monitoring and database security.
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