Core Network Continuous Monitoring and Analysis

Next-Gen IT Security

Continuous Monitoring & Analysis

Now, for the first time, you'll have deep visibility into your core network and database infrastructure attack surface. In this short video you'll learn how DB Networks is able to offer you insights such as discovering active database and the interactions between applications and their connected databases.

Adaptive Behavioral Analysis

This short informational video provides an overview of DB Networks core IDS next-generation adaptive behavioral analysis technology.

Advanced Database Security

DB Networks Core IDS is based on adaptive behavioral analysis that, for the first time, provides you deep visibility into your database infrastructure attack surface.


        DB Networks IDS-6300

  • Passively discovers all active databases
  • Identifies databases to applications interactions
  • Immediately detects all SQL injection attacks through adaptive behavioral analysis
  • Identifies the vulnerable application where rogue SQL statements are originating
  • Minimal operations support - no signature files to maintain or false positives handle
  • Turn-key security appliance - physical or virtual, your choice

Finally you'll have the actionable intelligence necessary to close the vulnerabilities in your database infrastructure.

White Papers

SQL Injection Defense: There are no Silver Bullets

SQL injection is one of the most common attack vectors. Experience has proven there are no silver bullet solutions to the threat and this white paper explores why this is so.

How Core IDS immediately identifies database attacks

This white paper examines how effective, real-time, protection of the database infrastructure requires a next generation Core IDS based on adaptive behavioral analysis.

How to Instrument for Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing

Learn how to identify your critical web application SQL statement generation vulnerabilities by instrumenting at the database tier.

SQL Injection Attacks: Detection in a Web Application Environment

Learn how adaptive behavioral analysis is being used to accurately detect advanced SQL injection attacks in real time.

SQL Injection threat

SQL injection attacks are responsible for over 90% of records stolen — don’t be the next victim!

In this video Penetration Tester Joe McCray speaks on his experience with DB Networks products. Joe explains how the DB Networks technology was able to identify all of his advanced SQL Injection attacks in real-time after he had successfully bypassed the Web Application Firewall and was actually attacking the database.

Data Security News

Russian hackers prove need to avoid sloppy security practices

In what may be the largest compromise of IT security in history, Russian hackers have amassed more than 1.2 billion passwords and user names.

Three best practices for reducing the risk of SQL injection attacks

A recently unsealed indictment against a notorious group of hackers shows just how damaging SQL injection attacks can be.

Ponemon Study Reveals Continuous Monitoring of Database Networks is Key to Reducing Risk of Retailer Type Breaches

57% of Respondents Believed the National Retailer Attacks Involved SQL Injection as a Component of the Attacks

IDS-6300 honored with Grand Trophy at Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Awards

Receives Prestigious "Grand Global Excellence" Trophy for the Best of the Best in Security Technology

DB Networks Brings Intelligence to SQL Injection Protection

You must identify an attack to prevent it. The DB Networks IDS-6300 aims to provide nearly plug-and-play SQL injection attack monitoring. Frank Ohlhorst conducts a hands-on review of the IDS-6300.