DB Networks : Company Overview

Founded to innovate Intelligent Continuous Monitoring through deep protocol analysis, machine learning, and behavioral analysis

DB Networks® innovates cyber security through intelligent continuous monitoring. Our customers include the world's largest financial institutions, manufacturers, healthcare, and governments. DB Networks provides four primary benefits;

  • Discovery of all databases — including those that are undocumented or non-compliant — that can potentially pose a security threat
  • Provides insights into the interactions of applications (and other database clients) to their connected databases
  • Monitoring core network policies
  • Uses highly accurate behavioral analysis to immediately detect advanced and highly obfuscated SQL injection attacks and application vulnerabilities

DB Networks unique approach to database security utilizes machine learning to model an applications SQL generation process. It then uses behavioral analysis to immediately identify when the application has been compromised and is generating rogue SQL statements designed to attack a database. With no signature files to deal with or endless false positives to chase down, operational support becomes trivial.