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Artificial Intelligence Based Database Security
Networks are riddled with blind spots. Hackers lurk in the shadows attacking your databases. You need DB Networks® DBN-6300 to “shine a light" on your entire database network.

Deep SQL protocol inspection continuously discovers all your databases and lets you know who’s accessing those databases. Artificial intelligence immediately identifies insider threats and database attacks.

Database Discovery
Database Analysis
Pinpoint Insider Threats
AI Identifies Database Attacks

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How it Works

Protects your databases from insider threats and cyber attacks through SQL analysis, non-intrusive database discovery, and artificial intelligence

Database Discovery Video

Database Discovery and
Application Mapping

You can now gain deep visibility into database infrastructure activity. In this short video you'll learn about the insights DB Networks provides including non-intrusive database discovery and application to database mapping.

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Database Security Video

Database Security
Artificial Intelligence

This short informational video provides an overview of DB Networks technology. You'll see how machine learning immediately and accurately identifies database insider threats and cyber attacks.

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Expert Testimonial

"DB Networks is effective against highly advanced database attacks, including APTs, that have
breached the perimeter"


Joe McCray
CEO, Strategic Security

In the News

Using Artificial Intelligence To Detect Equifax Style Database Attack

DB Networks DBN-6300 applies machine learning to database UBA to immediately identify unauthorized or suspicious database activity indicative of an insider threat.

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Equifax Breach: Database Insider Threats From Third-Party Software

The recent database breach at Equifax serves to highlight the database insider threat organizations face today. DB Networks CTO Dave Rosenberg discusses the Equifax database attack and how it could have been detected very early.

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EMA Analyst Brief on DB Networks Agentless DAM

This EMA Analyst Brief discusses why Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) should be a part of the security strategy for every organization using databases for storing critical information.

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Intelligent Continuous Monitoring:
Insights into APT & Your Hidden
Attack Surface

It’s what’s below the surface, what you’re not
observing, that's your largest security risk. In this
webinar you will learn:

>   What stealth methods attackers use to remain undetected

>   How to “shine a light” on the hidden attack surface

>   How to non-intrusively discover all your databases including the undocumented ones

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Please contact us to set up an informational meeting to discuss how DB Networks can "shine a light" on your database infrastructure and protect your confidential data.

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Pen Tester Joe McCray speaks on his experience with DB Networks machine learning and behavioral analysis based products. DB Networks technology was able to immediately identify all of his advanced SQL Injection attacks even after Joe had successfully bypassed the Web Application Firewall.