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Database Monitoring   •   Insider Threat Protection
Database clusters are riddled with blind spots. Hackers lurk in the shadows stealing your data. They camp out on your undocumented databases. They damage your reputation. You need DB Networks DBN-6300 database security appliance to “shine a light".

Deep SQL protocol inspection – together with patented artificial intelligence based security technologies – non-intrusively and continuously discovers all databases and protects your data from both insider threats and external attacks.

How it Works

Database security through non-intrusive deep protocol inspection, database discovery, machine learning, and behavioral analysis

Database Discovery and
Application Mapping

You can now gain deep visibility into database infrastructure activity. In this short video you'll learn about the insights DB Networks provides including non-intrusive database discovery and application to database mapping.

Behavioral Analysis

This short informational video provides an overview of DB Networks machine learning and application behavioral analysis technology that immediately and accurately identifies database attacks.

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Expert Testimonial

"DB Networks is effective against highly advanced database attacks, including APTs, that have
breached the perimeter"


Joe McCray
CEO, Strategic Security

In the News

DB Networks Enables Insider Threat Detection Best Practices

DB Networks uses several technologies in concert to build application behavioral models. Machine learning examines interactions and connections to databases to build a model of usage, which incorporates defined behavioral elements. That model, which is adaptive, can be used to analyze database flows to detect access abuses, such as stolen credentials, unauthorized endpoints, or other application behavioral anomalies and then execute the appropriate actions based upon administrator-defined policies.

A new approach to detecting compromised credentials in real-time

DB Networks has added a new capability to its database security solutions to address compromised credentials. The DBN-6300 enterprise appliance and OEM-focused Layer 7 Database Sensor both now have the ability to detect someone acting as an authorized insider through compromised or abused credentials.


Intelligent Continuous Monitoring:
Insights into APT & Your Hidden
Attack Surface

It’s what’s below the surface, what you’re not
observing, that's your largest security risk. In this
webinar you will learn:

   What stealth methods attackers use to remain undetected

   How to “shine a light” on the hidden attack surface

   How to non-intrusively discover all your databases including the undocumented ones

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Please contact us to set up an informational meeting to discuss how DB Networks can "shine a light" on your database infrastructure and protect your confidential data.

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Pen Tester Joe McCray speaks on his experience with DB Networks machine learning and behavioral analysis based products. DB Networks technology was able to immediately identify all of his advanced SQL Injection attacks even after Joe had successfully bypassed the Web Application Firewall.