Database Cybersecurity Now! — Discovery, Mapping, Policies, and Security

What We Do

Database Cybersecurity

We offer database cybersecurity products delivered as a physical or virtual appliance with four primary benefits.

  1. Continuously discovers databases
  2. Visually maps applications to their databases
  3. Monitors database infrastructure policies
  4. Immediately and accurately identifies database attacks through behavioral analysis

DB Networks "shines a light" on your database infrastructure and provides you insights far beyond what Database Activity Monitors (DAMs) offer. DAMs monitor activity on individual databases whereas DB Networks examines the activity and provides security on all the connections between your applications and their connected databases.

DB Networks delivers deep protocol extraction, traffic analytics, visualization, and behavioral analysis that combined offers you unprecedented insights and security for your entire database infrastructure, not just individual databases.


        DB Networks DBN-6300

No other cybersecurity products provide the in-depth visibility into your database infrastructure offered right now by DB Networks. Business as usual means identifying hidden attack surfaces, discovering breaches, and finding policy violations months after the fact; DB Networks, on the other hand, enables a truly proactive approach to database security.

Expert Testimonial

DB Networks is effective against highly advanced database attacks, including APTs, that have breached the perimeter

In this video Penetration Tester Joe McCray speaks on his experience with DB Networks products. Joe explains how the DB Networks technology was able to immediately identify all of his advanced attacks each of which had already successfully bypassed the Web Application Firewall and was attempting to attack the database.

How it Works

Database Discovery and Application Mapping

You can now gain deep visibility into your database infrastructure activity. In this short video you'll learn about the types of insights DB Networks provides including database discovery and the application to database mapping.

Application Behavioral Analysis

This short informational video provides an overview of DB Networks machine learning and application behavioral analysis technology that immediately and accurately identifies database attacks.

White Papers

SQL Injection Defense: There are no Silver Bullets

SQL injection is one of the most common attack vectors. Experience has proven there are no single silver bullet solutions to combat the threat and this white paper explores why this is so.

How to Instrument for Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing

Learn how to identify your critical web application SQL statement generation vulnerabilities by instrumenting at the database tier.

In The News

Are Your Databases Secure? Think Again

Targeting enterprise databases is a common attack tactic, as the Anthem breach showed, yet many companies neglect database security.

DB Networks: Assuring Database Security through Intelligent Continuous Monitoring

Datacenters often prove to be a key target for cybercriminals due to the massive amount of sensitive information—financial, corporate, or intellectual—locked inside.

Behavioral Analysis Could Have Prevented The Anthem Breach

There’s a universal truth regarding every cyber attack: attack behavior never appears normal. This seemingly simple fact is crucial to preventing future information security breaches like Anthem’s

Three best practices for reducing the risk of SQL injection attacks

A recently unsealed indictment against a notorious group of hackers shows just how damaging SQL injection attacks can be.


Intelligent Continuous Monitoring: Insights into APT & Your Hidden Attack Surface

It’s what’s below the surface, what you’re not observing, that's your largest security risk. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How attacks go undetected for months
  • Steps to significantly reduce your APT risks
  • How to “shine a light” on the hidden attack surface